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Trademarks. Copyrights. Patents. Trade secrets. Confidentiality.

Client have trusted us to protect and enforce their most valuable assets. We’ve worked on trademark and copyright filings and oppositions. We’ve litigated and defended trademark and patent issues, including under the Lanham Act. What’s more, our FinTech clients are pioneers in their respective spaces, creating valuable technology each day. We protect them too.

We represent a broad range of clients, including:

  • Public performance rights organization
  • Hollywood producers
  • Artists and Labels
  • Start-up and emerging growth companies
  • Payment processors
  • Retailers
  • Transactions processors and software developers
  • Technology companies
  • Investors
  • Wealth management and robo advisors
  • Trading technologies

our IP clients

movie producers

Our clients includes Hollywood film producers and directors. From big-movie producers to independent film makers, we have represented a wide spectrum of clients. For example, one client was a producer of the blockbuster film, Ali, which starred Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Jon Voight, Mario Van Peebles and Jada Pinkett Smith. Critically acclaimed for their roles, Will Smith and Jon Voight received Academy award nominations for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. We’re also representing the director and producer of a documentary on the life of legendary artist, Prince.

public performance rights organizations (PROs)

Our client, Pro Music Rights, LLC, a public performance rights organization, has over 2,000,000 works in its repertoire, and is a licensor of public performance licenses for artists, writers, composers and other rights holders in the musical industry. We have advised Pro Music Rights on matters relating to licensing, copyrights, distribution and other strategic matters.

musical artists

We represent Dez Dickerson, a former guitarists for Prince’s band, The Revolution, along with Mr. Dickerkerson’s record label and branding company, Pavilion Entertainment, in Nashville. He contributed songs for Prince’s side projects, writing “He’s So Dull” for Vanity 6, and co-writing “Wild And Loose”, “After Hi School”, and “Cool” for the Time. Dickerson contributed vocals to “Little Red Corvette” and “1999” on the 1999 album, as well as the guitar solo for “Little Red Corvette” that ranked number 64 on Guitar World’s list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Solos.


We represent various labels managing works in different genres, including rap, hip-hop, EDM, pop and others.

what we do


Demand for technological innovation grows every day. Revolutionary ideas are created every minute. The need for guidance on securities compliance and financial and consumer data privacy protection is paramount. Our knowledge spans the full range of regulatory and compliance issues, and we advise our clients on the complex laws that regulate the FinTech industry.

business combinations

Our M&A, commercial, and IP attorneys represent companies of all sizes to acquire and sell intellectual property and other assets. We draft licensing and relationship management agreements – and we monitor compliance with those agreements. We work with clients ranging from startups to established businesses driving today’s economy.

payment processors

We have counseled companies on technologies for credit card processing, ACH processing, electronic gift cards, check conversion, internet gateway services, PA-DSS compliance, tockenization and vertical market software.

robo investors

We’ve counseled various companies on the ever-changing regulatory issues arising from robo investing, including fiduciary, custody and maintenance obligations.

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