private placements

We have advised issuers, investors, private equity funds, venture capital firms and hedge funds navigate through blue sky and federal securities laws. We’ve helped businesses structure offerings of common stock, founder stock, preferred stock, secured and unsecured debt, convertible debt, structuring financings and securitizations. A representative sampling of our experience:

  • $85 million PPM for sale of LLC interests
  • confidential amount for investment in Uber’s Series E valued at $40 billion
  • confidential amount for sale of LLC interests for JV with global retailer
  • $15 million PPM for sale of common stock in technology company
  • $1+ million PPM offering for manufacturer

our diversified client experience


Our tech clients revolution virtual reality, on-demand advertising and employment, transportation logistics and other every-day app solutions.


We’ve advised international investors on global and domestic energy deals, including an agent of a $10 million syndicated convertible note offering by a public oil & gas company.


We’ve counseled an issuer on an $85 million equity offering for three feature films and Hollywood producers, including a producer of Ali.


Our manufacturer clients create every-day household items, medical devices, musical equipment and virtual reality devices.

why clients choose us

high-profile experience

Hedge funds, private equity funds, family offices and high-net worth individuals have retained us, including for Uber’s Series E offering valued at $40 billion.

reg D understanding

We will walk you through blue sky and Reg D exemptions, including complying with notice and registration requirements.


We understand the importance of closing the offering and we’ll work with you to finalize it on economic terms.

we'll close the deal for you.