Jack TramaExecutive Director

consultancy and advisory services

Jack Trama is a seasoned business executive and serial entrepreneur with many years of top level business experience. Throughout his career, Jack has taken on a broad range of business initiatives serving as consultant and intermediary to many companies and individuals in highly specialized areas of business.

For the firm, Jack has provided various advisory and consultant services.

Jack is currently Managing Partner of Eclii Venturesa start-up portfolio holdings company providing operational and financing structure to select, early-stage companies.

He is also an M&A Advisor managing exit strategies for privately held companies.

Jack is also President and founder of Trade Risk Strategies, an accounts receivable risk management firm, providing trade risk protection solutions for corporations nationwide.

Having a keen understanding of what it takes to put together a variety of different business transactions, Jack puts forth the necessary effort and attention to detail it takes to manage the effort from start to finish. His strong leadership and practical approach to solving business problems ensure a successful outcome for his clients.

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+1 631 471 2746
9 W. Broad St., Suite 550
Stamford, CT 06468

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Rich is a super intelligent attorney with a skilled chess grandmaster mindset — always looking at the big picture and thinking several moves ahead in the advice he gives. Fast document turn-around time with incredible structure and attention to detail built-in. Rich also did an amazing job of understanding my case and accurately communicating the proper tone in his correspondences as my representative.

Kenichi Ninomiya
Founder, Tech Company

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